Aquarius    the start of legend!

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Arts inspired by constellations are always immortal
and prevailing. What is more,Constellations are
appeal to artists because they couldfind their own
ways and styles to express themselves.                   
Aquarius is one of the most recent constellation
style jewelry designed by YUTONG. Inspired by
Greek mythology,the "Aquarius"'s simple and
smooth design pictures people to think of Trojan
prince's handsome face and his gentlemovements.
Plus, the "Aquarius " is made of 18K Gold,Opal,
Sapphire, stands for the eternal and charming
Galaxy. The diversified functions is another
highlight of "Aquarius"'s unique design.             
The Aquarius is just the beginning of the legend.
Are you looking forward to start your own
romantic constellation legend.