Artistar Jewels 2015

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Yutong’s fireworks praise the invited Jewels Artistar to Milan

Exhibitors and published on JEWELS ARTISTAR 2015,
Artistar dissemination of materials and manual production to
promote the production car. The value of contact between the
public and the. The project created. A series of projects aimed
at promoting the adoption of a unique project "know-how" "
Initiative. Artistar aims to promote with great enthusiasm and
Quality creates the manual valuables. Artistar every year
Edition of the same name of the book, which contains the best
works,Classify according to their type and author. In addition
to publishing products, Artistar exhibitions, performances,
speeches and activities throughout the year,To highlight the
use of a global strategy to attract more public. The interests
of the authors and their works. Technology Artistar, is the first electron in Italy
Business website, committed to the collection of
contemporary jewelry online community designers and artists.
Artistar Jewels Exhibition: